‘Green’ your event

It is easy to become blasé about the impact your day to day business can have on the environment but with a few minor changes to the way we work and behave, turning your event into an environmentally-friendly one is actually quite simple.

Below are a number of points you could consider when planning your event; use it as a checklist before finalising event details to ensure you are doing your best to ‘Green your event’.

Preparing for your event

  • Try not to over-produce your event materials; you can always photocopy more should additional delegates arrive
  • Send out joining instructions, directions etc electronically to avoid wasting paper
  • Try to communicate with delegates, guests and speakers electronically to avoid wasting paper and reduce transportation of mail
  • Print as much paperwork as possible double-sided to cut down on paper usage

Getting to your event

  • Where possible promote the use of public transport to your delegates, guests and speakers.  Bury St Edmunds station is only a 10 minute walk from the town centre and a very frequent bus service operates locally. Where public transport in not an option try promoting a car-sharing scheme

Meeting rooms

  • Ensure windows are kept closed while radiators are on and open the windows when cooler air is required
  • Switch off lights when the room is not in use and, whenever possible, use natural daylight as opposed to artificial lighting
  • Switch off all AV and IT equipment when not in use; even leaving equipment in ‘stand-by’ mode can waste valuable energy
  • Only use paper for necessary notes
  • Place all used/unwanted paper in the centre of the tables at the end of your event; this will automatically be recycled


  • Try to re-use plastic cups throughout the day
  • Request jugs of iced tap water rather than bottled mineral water
  • Where possible request that menus are locally-sourced and from sustainable sources

Remember that everyone is responsible for doing their bit! We are not concerned with cutting our costs but we are trying hard, as part of the Sodexo Sustainability Policy, to reduce energy usage and protect our environment.

Thank you for your help.